Colour WOW Root Cover Up Medium Brown

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Experience a quick and easy colour touch-up with Color WOW Root Cover Up in 'Medium Brown', a revolutionary and award-winning root concealer that instantly camouflages greys and dark regrowth.

Housed in a mirrored palette with a dual-ended brush, simply apply to dry hair for colour that is water and sweat resistant.

Lasts until your next shampoo.

Apply to dry/styled hair using the smaller end of the brush for precision.

To cover roots, start with a small amount of powder. Use free hand to pull hair taut at the root. Dab on visible roots, starting from the scalp and working outward. Repeat as necessary until roots disappear and colour looks like new.

To extend highlights, use the side edge of the small end of the brush. Use free hand to pull hair taut at the root. Wherever highlights have grown out, apply powder joining it to the existing highlight.